Box of Death Questions


Instead of people, this update of finds three objects placed in the box of death. You can only save one of the three, and the two that you don't select will vanish from the face of the earth, never to be regained. Which would you save from the box of death? 1. Sugar (no more cookies, candy bars, soda pops, kool aid, sweetened tea or anything else that contains sugar) 2. Flour (just think of a world with no bread, cakes, tortillas or anything else flour is used for) 3. Salt -(no more salty french fries or pretzels. No more "dash of salt" in recipes, no more salty sunflower seeds or salt water)
RE: I'll make it,I know I will(gasp)
RLOL :D or-> 8~D

In desperation to return to that F88LING of yOre,

I looted cocoa puffs from yon store... LOL
(August 01, 2002 ~ 11:07 PM)
By Carl StrangeLifeForm

RE: I'll make it,I know I will(gasp)
Uh, those weren't cocoa leaves, dude - you may feel light headed, extremely content, slightly creative and then crave a nap, but it should all fade away in a few hours...

Gingy, see if you can keep this guy out of the "garden," eh? He seem's to have taken a liking to the greens, if ya know what I mean. *LOL*
(July 31, 2002 ~ 12:18 PM)
By Wendi Cali

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