Box of Death Questions

Political Catfight

Who will make it out of the Box of Death? Laura Bush
Hillary Clinton
Barbara Bush
RE: none
what should anyone have against her anyway? she did nothing. and in fact if anything was the biggest victim of our president's sex addiction.
(December 19, 2002 ~ 9:45 AM)
By mary j

RE: Yes! Hillary!!!!
hillary is the smartest of the three. i do like the other two well enough. it's their husbands i can't stand. i like BOTH Clintons tho.
(November 25, 2002 ~ 5:05 PM)
By mary j

RE: Hillary
i like her too. but i liked bill clinton despite his problem. i think he is a sex addict. i voted for him both times. i wish he could run again i would vote for him without hesitation. i voted for him as a governing leader, not as a priestly moral holier than thou. they say powerful men have strong sex drives. her and bill have a funny relationship. i would have left him long ago.
(November 14, 2002 ~ 9:03 PM)
By mary j

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