Box of Death Questions

Politics, Religion or Rosanne?

Three people are trapped in the box of death and only one can make it out. Who would you save from the box of death? (By the way, each of the following has all of your personal contact information and does intend on visiting often) A. Your least favorite former political leader B. A Televangelist C. Rosanne Barr
RE: Vote politics
we need to get a rally going here.
(September 11, 2002 ~ 2:00 PM)
By mary j

Duh . . . who she?
Being the thick paddy that I am, I have never heard of Roseanne Barr. I do have a certain politician in mind, and I have seen enough televangelists to want to put them ALL in the Box of Death so, yeah, Roseanne gets out.
(September 06, 2002 ~ 11:30 AM)
By Shane McCarthy

RE: Oooh, tough call
:)))))))))))))))) and it is a given that everyone's least favorite is bushwacker junior. he can't even pick his own cabinet. he has his father's cabinet. and we know how that administration went.
(September 05, 2002 ~ 3:47 PM)
By mary j

RE: Oooh, tough call

Excellant answer from a classy woman! :)

I say we have Barr wrestle the televangelists mano y mano.LOL I'll bet she could kick some azz :)
(August 05, 2002 ~ 8:03 PM)
By Carl StrangeLifeForm

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