Box of Death Questions

Top Terrorist

The box of death contains these three terrorist. They must fight each other to the death until only one remains...who shall win? and why? 1~Sudam Hussein
2~Adolf Hitler
3~Osama BinLadin
RE: Hitler a terrorist?
no you aren't. the fact is he IS a terrorist to you. you are Jewish. hitler hated Jews. but sooner or later he would have started eliiminating other sects too. he only wanted blue eyed blond haired germans around--and maybe he would have eventually (had he gotten his way) killed the elderly bcause they were in the way. he was a very dangerous person. crazy as a fox.
(January 23, 2003 ~ 9:29 AM)
By mary j

RE: Hitler a terrorist?
I would say that Hitler is a terrorist, although I am Jewish, and my family came to America to escape him...perhaps I'm a bit biased.
(January 22, 2003 ~ 1:17 PM)
By Leanne Enck

RE: you got a point here
and besides that who knows trent lott could have killed someone (joking--but it is possible.)
(January 21, 2003 ~ 9:53 AM)
By mary j

RE: Hitler a terrorist?
but hitler was trying to aniliate all the jewish people. hwo could he be such a hypocrite? if he believed in his cause he would have to turn himslef in and be executed too. goes to show you that he really didn't believe what he said. the jewish people there were not capable of protecting themselves. if he finished his goal it would be something else next until only the "blue blood" german people were left. and maybe he would have found an exucse to execute some of them too. the man was CRAZY.
(January 16, 2003 ~ 9:53 AM)
By mary j

RE: you got a point here
Oh Ging...that you're so right about. People should be scared of who and what Lott is and what he and others like him, really represent.

Terrorists aren't just people who kill other people with bombs and rifles, they're also people who stand in pulpits (like Jerry Fallwell) and bully their flocks with violent messages.

Then later, these bible thumpers will complain about how they're "harassed" and targeted by (level-headed) sane people demanding accountability and answers from such warped idiots!
(January 03, 2003 ~ 2:31 AM)
By Carl StrangeLifeForm

you got a point here
i guess it depends who we are talking about. after all the palestinians had land taken from them after ww2. but really, if i was not german (which i am not), i would feel pretty scared of adolf. i think trent lott is a terrorist too. i guess if i was in the kkk (which i am not) i mite feel he wasn't.
(December 27, 2002 ~ 10:02 AM)
By mary j

RE: Hitler a terrorist?
You missed my point Ging.

My point was that people always take the side of the Jews when the subject is about terrorism and oppression!

In general, people are scared to look at the truth, that Jews are quite capable of performing MASS murders, Racial Genocide, Torture/Terrorism!

So he (allegedly) had Jewish blood...big deal! So did Lenin, Trotsky, Marx, Stalin and all the top leaders of Soviet Russia!

Stalin, for example, was responsible for TERRORISTIC MASS murdering over 20,000,000 (NON JEWISH) Slavs!

If YOU were Palestinian, the Jews are the TERRORISTS!
(December 23, 2002 ~ 2:57 PM)
By Carl StrangeLifeForm

RE: Hitler a terrorist?

I think it's weird that the first suspect terrorists are Arabs, Germans and Native Americans!

How come no one thinks of Jews or Jewish people as terrorists?

There's a lot of them, but they're never mentioned because for some inexplicable reason, most people think of Israelis as goody two shoe types/god's chosen versus the above three groups!

Examples of true terrorists and their organizations:

*Ateret Cohanim,

*Jewish Defense League,


*Kahana Khai,

*The Jewish Underground,

*Gush Emunim Movement,

*Kyriat-Arba (fundamentalist den), etc. that all carried out terrorism against Palestinians for years! All have operated under the delusional belief of Talmudic laws for the so-called "ger toshav".

There's Rabbi Meir Kahane the leader and chief proponent of Jewish racism, and founder of two (2) terrorist groups that sanctioned expansion, ethnic cleansing ("transfer"), murder, repression, and genocide.

The late Rabbi Baruch Goldstein put on military garb, and killed 29 peaceful moslem worshippers at the Ibrahimi Mosque, and then the Israeli Army murdered an additional 23 Palestinian civilians at Hebron!

Madeleine Albright is a terrorist who believes that it's jusified to kill 500,000 Iraqi children in the name of civilization..."because it's worth it!"
(December 19, 2002 ~ 6:53 PM)
By Carl StrangeLifeForm

RE: Hitler a terrorist?
hmmm. i guess we could be considered overly nosey and we have our hand in everyone's business. but a terrorist? i don't know. hmmmmm
(December 19, 2002 ~ 9:35 AM)
By mary j

RE: Hitler a terrorist?
if you were jewish he was a terrorist. i think the title fits him well. in face eventually he would have probablly anialated everyone but the blue eyed blonde germans. did you know he had jewish blood in him himself? on one of his grandmother's side i believe. he kept THAT a secret. boy if that got out. i don't know what would happen.
(December 19, 2002 ~ 9:34 AM)
By mary j

RE: Hitler a terrorist?
Ah - interesting perspective indeed. US GOVERNMENT - is that a terrorist?
(December 14, 2002 ~ 2:11 PM)
By Wendi Cali

RE: Uh
i wonder if we could arrange to rid ourselves of some republican right wingers? :)
(December 10, 2002 ~ 4:47 PM)
By mary j

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