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Bite Me
If you had to subject yourself to one of the following, which would you choose? Being bitten by a Vampire thereby rendering you into a Creature of the night? FYI:Pluses here are:

a) ability to fly-by-night,
b) shapeshift into various creatures,
c) You get to be a control freak,
d) And you have ready to wear apparel instantly available for use during those "close moments"
e) An endless supply of refreshments available
f) No need for passports, visas or endless delays at airports ever again! Or would you rather be bitten by a Wearwolf? Again, there are distinct advantages here. Such as:

a) A great pelt that'll keep you warm on a cold wintry night,
b) Never have to visit a dentist again,
c) You'll never need to shop at a food store again!
d) Save on having to lay out big bucks for dressy shoes,
e) You'll be guaranteed to win first prize at the annual Halloween Parades
f) Free invites to endless Halloween bashes
RE: Bite Me
Oh that reminds me of when I was went to the flixs with my date. During the movie, she told me she was a vampire and wanted to suck my blood....The only thing she did was to give me giant love hickeys on my neck RLOL 8~D
(September 12, 2002 ~ 3:34 AM)
By Carl StrangeLifeForm

RE: Bite Me
A sexy vampire? Okay, Wendi, you're scaring me now!
(September 06, 2002 ~ 12:01 PM)
By Shane McCarthy

RE: a rock and a hard place
(September 05, 2002 ~ 3:12 PM)
By mary j

RE: a rock and a hard place
I think "Count" Dubya is a dirty bloodsucker, along with that %*&&#@ "Bela" Chaney IMO
(August 22, 2002 ~ 2:50 AM)
By Carl StrangeLifeForm

RE: a rock and a hard place
i am too serious sometimes *most of the time* i agree. hey is that curley i heard there. do you know you can watch the 3 stooges on amc at 7pm. shemp is my favorite. i like the way you see the postive side of things, Perambulate. with the terrorists it mite be a good deal to be a vampire. hey maybe you could bite dublya in the neck. can't get his brain--too small to bite into.
(August 21, 2002 ~ 4:51 PM)
By mary j

RE: a rock and a hard place
Hey Ging c'mon...

It's just for fun...man those vampires don't need to purchase airline tickets...

Talk about cutting through bureaucratic red tape nyuknyuk.

I wouldn't make a good vampire cause I love garlic on foods..
(August 20, 2002 ~ 11:57 PM)
By Carl StrangeLifeForm

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