Either/Or Questions

Eat or Dream
Life as you know it must change. Your health will not be at risk as technology has advanced beyond what anyone had imagined. You must now choose to give up one of two things.... forever. Which would you rather do without - EITHER food OR sleep?
RE: Take it away
if you didn't dream i heard once you would go crazy. dreams help us deal with fear issues and such. people who say they don't dream just don't remember their dreams. everyone dreams.
(November 14, 2002 ~ 8:50 PM)
By mary j

RE: Insomnia
but you wouldn't need food. *except for guests* less garbage. no stomache problems. i wish i could do without both. but eating is a big pain in the neck. unless i eat out. that i do enjoy.
(October 18, 2002 ~ 8:20 PM)
By mary j

RE: Dream On
hey, no grocery bills. less garbage. less cockroaches. don't have to worry if your teeth work :). no cooking. no dishwashing. goodbye to coupons. no more burnt toast. :)) and on and on and on and on........
(October 09, 2002 ~ 5:40 PM)
By mary j

RE: To Air is divine
(October 09, 2002 ~ 5:36 PM)
By mary j

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