Either/Or Questions

Peace of Mind
Would you rather give up all material possessions to gain peace of mind OR give up peace of mind to gain everything you could possibly want materialistically?
RE: good ole Wendi...
hehehe yepper, and you know me...rock n roll, rock n roll, and yeah, peace and love is good too!
(December 02, 2002 ~ 5:23 PM)
By anastacia bateman

RE: good ole Wendi...
You know me well, Stacey -- peace, love and rock & roll :)
(November 16, 2002 ~ 4:50 PM)
By Wendi Cali

RE: Give me Peace
hehehe...hey good idea for a poem title..."Peace of Mind" whatcha think? *giggles and winks*
(November 12, 2002 ~ 10:47 AM)
By anastacia bateman

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