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48 Hours
You've just discovered that the world will cease to exist in 48 hours. How and why don't matter because nothing that you or anyone else does will stop or sway fate. If everything would be gone in 48 hours and you had two days left, what would you do?
RE: 48 hours huh...
very good. but i don't know what all that money would be for. you don't sound like an extravagant person. but you do sound very thoughtful and sensative. have a good evening
(October 15, 2002 ~ 6:50 PM)
By mary j

48 hours huh...
Well i would get out a huge loan from the bank cos if I only have 48 hours live I might as well do it in style and it's not like im gonna have to pay it back.. I would tell everyone at work exactly what I think of them. I would get a ticket for Joe to fly over here.. I'm not spending some of my last 48 hours on a plane... Write RAW. Say goodbye to everyone on the messageboards at RITRO. Ring everyone that I have a number for... Read the Selfish Giant with Emy. Tell my family I love them. Make love to Joe in some remote and romantic spot.. (there is no way I am dying a virgin.. as pathetic as that sounds...) Die in Joes arms.. because I have this weird fear of dying alone...
(October 13, 2002 ~ 8:30 AM)
By Becca Noy

RE: Hmmmmmm
LOL i sure did preambulate! :))))))
(October 11, 2002 ~ 1:49 PM)
By mary j

RE: Hmmmmmm
Last one to hit Dublyoo is a rotten vegetable LOLHA! I bet Gingy thought I was gonna mention tomato instead of vegetable heh heh ;D
(September 17, 2002 ~ 8:17 PM)
By Carl StrangeLifeForm

RE: Hmmmmmm
my thoughts on food were more directed at hitting dublya in square in the nose with a rotten tomato. i would get a lot of satisfaction if i could hit him in the face with one really really big one. i would rub it in his nose real good. whatever we would do we wouldn't have much time to do it in. i think the question should be rewritten so that we would have exactly 1 year. or at least 6 months.
(September 11, 2002 ~ 1:31 PM)
By mary j

Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll! What else?!? Seriously, though, and I am being serious this time, I would pray a lot and make my peace with God because deep down I am quite religious. Of course, CuriousCat, Wendi and gingy had some interesting thoughts regarding food. Imagine, being able to eat what you want and as much as you want, without consequences.
(September 06, 2002 ~ 12:25 PM)
By Shane McCarthy

RE: Last Days
that is a well thought out answer. i doubt anyone could come up with a better one.
(August 19, 2002 ~ 9:11 AM)
By mary j

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