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Befriend a Millionaire!
You have a new best friend for life who happens to be a millionaire! Which of the following would you chose to be your new best friend? Ross Perot, Bill Gates or Donald Trump?
RE: Befriend a Millionare!
Befriend a millionare, sure. Perhaps to see how one millionare lives his life...and to see how it is to live that life. But is money what makes one truly happy, or is it just temporary. What's money w/o family and TRUE friends???
(February 22, 2008 ~ 11:06 PM)
By J Tee

RE: Befriend a Millionare!
Wish I had a vagina . . .
(February 10, 2008 ~ 2:54 AM)
By Shane McCarthy

Befriend a Millionaire!
Which would you choose.....
(September 11, 2007 ~ 1:00 AM)
By Mark Cenicola

Befriend a Millionare!
Donald Trump. I'd be his wife and fuck his brains out and marry him and divorce him and take half of his shit for the rest of his life. And then I'd fuck the other two in the back of my stretch jet and get 'em both to marry me at the same time 'n get divorced two weeks later and make untold billions. I can do that, because I have a vagina.
(September 11, 2007 ~ 1:00 AM)
By Dank Bud

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