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Chocolate Crisis
You have been getting sick with something other than a cold or flu. The doctor discovers you are developing an allergy to chocolate. It's not that bad yet, but will only become worse as time goes on. Every bite puts you closer to checking out. If you stay away from the stuff, you will be perfectly healthy. if not, death is certain. So, what would you do if you had a chocolate crisis?
I mean come on, if I am given the option between chocolate and LIFE...I think I would definitely choose the latter!!! I prefer to live..I don't think chocolate is worth my life.
(December 05, 2006 ~ 10:53 AM)
By Jennifer Carrera

RE: Not a chocaholic
i think a lot of us here on this site have the same problem. we are warped. :))))))
(September 11, 2002 ~ 1:08 PM)
By mary j

Not a chocaholic
I like chocolate, but I ain't a chocaholic. I could live without the stuff quite easily. Now where did I hide those highly illegal narcotics?
(September 06, 2002 ~ 12:30 PM)
By Shane McCarthy

RE: Hmm.
i would love to throw a rotten tomato and hit him right in the nose (that is dublya).
(August 19, 2002 ~ 9:06 AM)
By mary j

RE: Hmm.

IMHO I'd love to see Homer beat the snot out of pea-brain Bush ...

no, really RLOL 8~D
(August 14, 2002 ~ 3:08 PM)
By Carl StrangeLifeForm

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