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Cure Cancer or Keep Living?
A routine head examination reveals that you possess a brain chemical that can cure most forms of cancer. The drug cannot be replicated, and is only found in your brain; moreover, you have enough to last the world for a while, since it's only given in tiny doses (one molecule at a time, or whatever). However, if it's extracted from your brain, you'll definitely die. Cure cancer or keep on living?
RE: Easy
(November 15, 2002 ~ 6:00 PM)
By mary j

I'm a huge humanitarian - I'd gladly give my life if it would provide a cure for cancer. No question.
(November 12, 2002 ~ 9:09 AM)
By Wendi Cali

i am fairly depressed. i would be a good reason to die.
it would be unselfish, and maybe God would even approve. but it is easy to say another thing to actually do this.
(October 31, 2002 ~ 6:40 AM)
By mary j

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