Various Twisted Questions

Deviated Closet Clowns
You received a letter (10pp) with no return address. Included were photocopies of Top Secret documents relating a devious plot by a mysterious Cabal of clowns known only as The High Order Of Jest. These subversive harlequins intend to destroy humanity by a combination of subliminal tapes containing guffaws, chuckles, belly laughs and laugh tracks from comedy shows! Knowing their covert plan, would you: A. Just laugh it off as failed humor, B. Consider becoming their agent for only 15% commission, C. Decide to "steal" their act and use their stuff for your own act which has bombed out in the last 130 shows of 132.
RE: Just Clownin' Around
Crazy Fox hmmmmmmm...I like the sound of that ;))))))))))))))))
(August 02, 2002 ~ 2:18 AM)
By Carl StrangeLifeForm

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