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Family Confidential
Your sister's husband confides in you that he has cheated on his wife and is likely to continue to do so. While it may be tempting to be more loyal to your sister than to her husband, your brother in law also has some dark secrets he's holding about you and could retaliate by telling them. So, do you keep his secret?
RE: I'd Rat
But what if the secrets he knows about you are REALLY bad?
(January 17, 2003 ~ 5:33 AM)
By Shane McCarthy

RE: An ace up my sleeve
the wheels are always turning! :)))))
(December 27, 2002 ~ 9:45 AM)
By mary j

RE: I'd Rat
Me too!
(December 20, 2002 ~ 11:13 AM)
By Darlene Zagata

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