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Family Confidential
Your sister's husband confides in you that he has cheated on his wife and is likely to continue to do so. While it may be tempting to be more loyal to your sister than to her husband, your brother in law also has some dark secrets he's holding about you and could retaliate by telling them. So, do you keep his secret?
RE: Nope
it really is a tough question. maybe i would feel my sister out to see what she knows already. and to get her mind set. i do believe it could alianate me (thinking of myself here--i want a relationship with my sister). then again what if she found out i knew about it. i do tend to ignore gossip and assume it isn't true. what if i told her, it wasn't true, and it caused serious problems between them because i couldn't keep my mouth shut.
(November 24, 2002 ~ 6:02 PM)
By mary j

RE: hahaha
i don't know. i think i would feel like i was butting in. maybe she really knows about it and is ignoring it because she doesn't CARE? no? anyway that surprise could lead to murder or manslaughter. if she was taken by surprise who knows what would happen?
(November 24, 2002 ~ 5:58 PM)
By mary j

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