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Foreign Foods
You are in a foreign country and are eating at the house of a very important person. They have very generously offered you a choice as to what you would like to eat. Your choices are: Boiled Dog
Roast Cat
Fried Monkey
Stewed Rhododendron Leaves (Vegetarian Option) You have to eat one of these dishes, as failure to do so would show disrespect and would greatly insult your host (who has friends in very high places and can make the rest of your life a living hell). So, which delicious option do you choose?
RE: Beggars Banquet
Good one!
(February 07, 2003 ~ 5:34 AM)
By Shane McCarthy

RE: Stewed Rhododendron Leaves (Vegetarian Option)
no cats!
(February 06, 2003 ~ 6:36 PM)
By mary j

RE: Beggars Banquet
skip the beets. give me the monkey. boil it in hot oil. i won't eat it i will set it afire. the name of the monkey i mean is george dublya bush.
(February 06, 2003 ~ 6:35 PM)
By mary j

RE: the rhodies could suffice
i like quick food. zap it in the microwave. or heat it up. i am too lazy to cook. rhodi leaves could probably be eaten raw. :)))
(January 21, 2003 ~ 9:25 AM)
By mary j

RE: the rhodies could suffice
Well, I guess I'll be taking the vegetarian option...wait, this is normal for me...
(January 17, 2003 ~ 11:18 AM)
By Leanne Enck

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