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Out of this World
The aliens have made contact with humans. It is clear they are far superior in regard to intelligence and technology, but it is unclear what their intentions are or how they'll react with mankind. Interestingly enough, the aliens have chosen YOU as the one to greet their craft upon landing. Do you go? If so, how do you greet them and what do you say?
Out Of This World
I would prepare for the arrival of my space friends by building a patio with long rectangular conference tables. The legs to the tables would be shortened to accomodate the beanbag chairs we would slouch ourselves upon. Barbequed spareribs (extra napkins please) and Gatorade would be served immediately. I would play a collection of the 10 best Rock songs ever masterfully recorded and dazzle them with sounds they have never heard. The 10 songs I recorded are: 1) Screaming In The Night-Krokus 2) Highway Star-Deep Purple 3) Echoes-Pink Floyd 4) Nobodys Fault-Led Zeppelin 5) I Want You (She's So Heavy)-The Beatles 6) Frankenstein-Edgar Winter Group 7) The Breeze- Lynyrd Skynyrd 8) You Could Be Mine-Guns N Roses 9) The Magicians Birthday-Uriah Heep 10-Can You Hear Me Knocking?-The Rolling Stones Our visiters would slowly rise and kneel down...for they realize that they are not as advanced as us after hearing the melodious jams just heard. They offer me technological breakthroughs such as time travel, transporter technology. space travel using slipstream and folded space technology and the power to kill with a mere exchange for the 10 powerful sounds on my pre-recorded disk. after the exchange, our alien diplomats ebter their craft and are gone in 1/1000 of a blink of an eye.
(May 30, 2007 ~ 5:05 AM)
By Randy Brooks

RE: $%^^$#$#%*=Welcome in Alien
maybe they mite not find marilyn attractive. maybe *like in an episode of the twilite zone* they mite prefer a horrible deformed person *deformed in our humble opinion--not theirs*
(November 15, 2002 ~ 6:05 PM)
By mary j

RE: Not an alien lover are an alien. ya can't hide it now. you slipped up there. are you smart like spock? (u must be. you are anti rite wing and pro democraat). hey could you arrange to zap certain people off the earth. just put them somewhere else. bin ladin, bush jr. and sr. chaneface, ass(oops)croft, oh lets not forget trent lott and pat robertson. i thank you tremendously for this.
(October 10, 2002 ~ 3:09 PM)
By mary j

RE: Not an alien lover
Insolent terran...

Your primitive species is too unevolved to comprehend our (whoops) ah...err..I mean their reasons for being on this backward planet...argh! :D
(September 14, 2002 ~ 12:00 AM)
By Carl StrangeLifeForm

RE: Not an alien lover
i would probably satmmer and studder in fear. but if they were so intelligent, i would think they would understand this. i know i loved mr. spock. he was an alien by our standards. ane he was very intelligent. but then again you get those like alf. not so smart. but he was funny. hey i think aliens are ok.
(September 11, 2002 ~ 1:25 PM)
By mary j

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