Various Twisted Questions

Play Day
If you had to be a doll or an action figure, which of the following would you choose?
If you're a girl, your choices are:

1. Barbie (you'd have to be stripped to the buff a hundred times a day for tacky wardrobe change and have your hair cut, colored and styled by 2-10 year olds) 2. Cabbage Patch Kid (you'd be carelessly carried around by your arm, could likely become the dog's next chew toy and above all else, you'd have to live with that face!) 3. Porcelain Doll (Precious but lonely, collecting dust high up on the shelf never to be played with by anyone.)
If you're a boy, your choices are:

1. GI Joe (rough & tough & typical boy stuff. Hey, it's not true what way say about GI Joe, is it?) 2. Ken (Right, but hey, you would get to ride in Barbie's car!) 3. Woody from Toy Story (living forever in the shadow of Buzz Light Years)

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