Various Twisted Questions

Which Are Ye?
Which are Ye of Personality be? Heavy Tome of book
Sky powerful lightening
Ground solid
Butterfly quick as flight
Snowy cold of ice
RE: sky powerful...
(November 25, 2002 ~ 5:01 PM)
By mary j

RE: solid as a rock?
if we can only get those damned republican rite wingers to see the light. bush's speech was far from earthshaking. i was bored and annoyed. tho he does speak better (no more umms and ahhhs). i think his father is behind this war. he wants his son to finish what he started.
(October 09, 2002 ~ 5:22 PM)
By mary j

RE: solid as a rock?
Hey Ging :)))))))))))))))))))))

I think Chaney,Bush et al, have rocks for brains...

(September 13, 2002 ~ 11:48 PM)
By Carl StrangeLifeForm

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